Monday, November 18, 2013

One of my favorite things the kids do is respond at the same time.  Like today when my sister was visiting me and the kids were chatting in the background.  All the sudden they break out with chanting all together, "Ice cream!" as if they had rehearsed it. 

It happens all the time.  I usually don't notice it, but I notice how the people around me react.  My sister's eyes got big and she looked over her shoulder, putting our conversation on hold until the kids stopped that part of their game.

A few weeks ago the boys were on their first cub scout field trip to see a farm.  I was driving and we had one other boy riding with us.  He sat in the middle seat between Marek and Brenden.  The conversation was something about video games when extra boy suddenly yells, pulling at his hair, "Stop it!  Stop it!" 

What was the problem?  My boys spontaneously started acting out a part of the game in unison.    A few miles later with a different topic of conversation I hear, "GAA!  You're doing it again! Stop!"  That time they were singing a song about pigs that one had made up. 

The funny thing is, it isn't limited to the quads.  Yesterday I was wishing we had a video of how in sync they all are.  We were driving down the road listening to the kids, all six of them, chanting, "Coconut pigs eat coconut!  Coconut pigs eat coconut!" when they suddenly stopped and we had a moment of silence, then they all began again in unison. 

Sigh.  Simple joys for this happy Mom with a head ache.  I hope no one ever asks me why I don't allow chanting again.

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