Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Revenge of the Turkey!

Here we are, recovering from the busiest weeks of the year. Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and almost Merry Christmas! Our last week was especially busy this year because not only did we have a turkey to eat, but also had a funeral to attend, and some vomit to clean up, times six. Boy am I ever glad we got those flu shots! What has been for us a day or two (each) is reportedly a week or more for others.

I remember when the kids all got sick at the same time years ago. None of them were old enough to get to a toilet or big enough to carry a “barf bucket” around with them so we covered the floor with layers and layers of towels and blankets. Rather than trying to keep the house (which was actually a rented basement while we were doing the addition) we just rolled up the top layer and set it aside until the washer was available again. Ahhh, sweet memories… I wish it were that easy now.

This version of stomach flu apparently has very little warning. (one in the truck while driving, another in the hallway at school, and two in bed!) I wish we were able to just roll back the top layer from the truck. I thought I cleaned it, but I don’t think you can ever really get the vehicle clean enough after such an episode, down the seatbelt cracks and so forth. There was so much Fabreeze in there that I thought I would be nauseous from the yummy cleaning up scent.

The next morning I cheerfully take my well children out to drive to school and nearly get knocked over by the wave of sick odor as I open the door and it hits me.

“Mommy, I thought you said you cleaned it up?” said one while holding his nose.

“Yeah, me too.” I reply while gagging.

“When are you going to clean up the truck?”

I suppose I should check on U-tube. There seems to be a cure for just about everything there. Meanwhile, I am very happy to welcome in the wind storm tonight so we can have some fresh air!

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