Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flu shots and other renewed commitments

There’s nothing like a commitment to do something on time to prove to yourself just how much time passes while nothing gets accomplished. Here I sit with my forever long to do list wondering where to begin, and the next book I have agreed to review arrives in the mail. It is a get things done inspirational book. Very timely. It arrived moments after my kids were working on their journals, which means I was working pretty hard. Filled with guilt for not regularly keeping a journal of my own, scraping my brain for a memory of the week, and then being inspired to better myself… yeah. I decided it was time for blogging.

My kindergarteners have been given the assignment to keep a “journal”. Each week they are to draw a picture of something that has happened that week and write a simple sentence about it. Lily just wants to draw pictures of monsters dancing with purple and pink hats while Brenden would rather not do anything at all. It baffles me to see the variety of children born in the same house, same rules, same everything. Needless to say, Marek is my “good” student and is always the first to finish his work. He usually reminds, no, make that he begs me to do his homework. I had to try to help them decide what to draw.

I could not get further in my memory than Saturday. First thing in the morning we went for our flu shots. That was hilarious! The kids got mad at me for laughing, but how could I not? Stephen wanted to be first so he would get it over with and not need to be nervous anymore. After mentioning how that was a great idea, they all began fighting over who got to be first. Then when the shots were ready we had to force them into the room.

In the end, Stephen needed both Daddy and Mommy to hold him down for the nurse to get his arm. (That’s a job that must be fun. I hope all the parents are as fun as we were and allowed her to laugh with them at their kids too.) As soon as she stuck his arm Stephen stopped fighting, near tears. He smiled almost began laughing with us. It was not as bad as the other kids apparently made him think it was. They all fought except for Evan who simply whined, but they were all small enough for me to hold down while Steve just blocked the door so no one could escape.

In search of the perfect Christmas gift for our cousins, the door buster deal was already sold out. It was on sale as a super deal at Toys r Us for one day only. The first store didn’t have it, but they took the time to locate it at another. They put it on hold for us. By the time we found and bought the super gift, it was lunch time. (Yes, it took hours! Imagine taking six children to a toy store and looking for Christmas gifts! Hey, I know some people who are already finished with their shopping!)

The rumble in our tummies and the fact that it was payday and we had promised the kids a prize for getting their shots took us to Wendy’s. Little did I know it would be snowing when we agreed to ice cream. Wendy’s just happened to be across the street from a great park. After lunch we went to play in the snow. After about an hour there we took our freezing troops home to dry off and ventured out for scones. (Note to self, take gloves next time.)

The kids had earned a free scone at Winder Dairy for doing well on their homework. Poor Brenden thought that he would be able to milk a cow but it was just a country store. No cows around for miles and miles. Other than Brenden’s disappointment it was great, but I couldn’t figure out why we were so grumpy. Hello! They had flu shots that morning. Duh. (Note to self, flu shots make for a great stay at home and watch movies day.)

Sunday meant singing in the choir. The choir is practicing for December. Steve and I both enjoy singing and the kids now enjoy taking themselves home without us. They are so excited to be big enough to go home alone for the half hour. Our neighbors follow them and make sure they get there safe, and I don’t worry much because our back yard bumps up against the church’s yard. It’s not far at all.

Steve also talked me into singing in the women’s choir for stake conference. I am glad he did. It is so different from the ward choir. Wow. It is going to be great. The real reason I sing in the choirs is because I feel the spirit so much when I sing. I don’t as much when I simply listen to the music. To really feel the spirit, it needs to be sung. Christmas just is not Christmas without singing in the choir.

Enter Monday, wonderful Monday with all the expected Monday grief. Five hours of homework for the kids and by the end of the night I was sick with more than the usual Monday-itis. It seems like everyone is getting sick all the sudden around here. Dallas said his substitute went home sick and they had a sub for the sub. There was no homework done by that boy last night! This morning, the kindergarten teacher was missing, and our exercise buddies are ill. That’s just the start of it. The problem is we have spent lots of time with all the sick people. Hopefully we got the flu shots just in time.

Today I will be staying away from as many healthy people as possible and drinking lots of tea. Stay well, have a glass full kind of week, and try to remember something from this week. Good luck!

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