Sunday, September 6, 2009

8 years old and baptized!

This weekend my oldest son turned eight years old. We had Grandma Taggart fly in from Arizona for the big event - his baptism. She will be staying until Monday afternoon. It has been good for the boys to see her again and the little ones got to meet her and remember who she is. It's been about 2 years since we saw her last. Stephen was so excited to be baptized. I was sad it was on a holiday weekend and the bishop, his primary teachers, and others had other plans so they were not able to attend.

When we walked into the room for his confirmation it was just our family. I looked around and realized that there were no, none, nada, zero men there to assist in the priesthood blessing, confirming Stephen with the gift of the Holy Ghost. With only one member of the bishopric there, our circle of priesthood was nearly a circle of two. Then the other baptism from our ward came in with her family. They had the biggest group of people! WOW. We had a few of them help us, they were our friends too. I was sad that none of my family were there. But I am ever so greatful that they all have jobs!!! They all were at work. I am glad Stephen was happy and he knows he is loved anyway.


  1. Oh give Stephen a big ole hug and kiss for me. I wish we could have been there - had we known Neil's schedule far enough in advance, we would have tried to get an extension on the weekend with Rebecca and come up.

    Love ya!!!

  2. It was a nice blessing even with few men to stand in the circle. I know you took a picture though.... Where is it? Love you! Congratulations Stephen!

  3. Hey! I was there! I left work as fast as I could, I made the long driver in record time until I found the exit closed and I had to drive all the way to Magna to get to the church. I got in the room just in time to see Stephen get in the water. Too bad all the guys had to stay at work. It was great.