Friday, July 18, 2008

Parade Day!!!

Tomorrow we will be walking in the youth parade for the Days of 47!! Whooohoo!! Again, what in the world am I thinking!!??!?!? We need to be there by 9am and the parade starts at 10. A whole hour waiting to walk for a mile or two??? (I don't really know how long the route actually is. That could be another issue....) Then there is a carnival - free - to thank the kids for their participation. They will have 50 cent hot dogs and cotton candy blah, blah, blah. We are excited, and I am tired thinking of it. After the carnival I plan to have a slow, possibly long drive home so they will rest before we go to the neighborhood BBQ/family night. They will be having three leg races, water balloon toss, and more fun, fun, fun! The part Steve is looking forward to most is the pie eating contest. Hopefully someone will get some pictures of us.


  1. I hope someone gets pics too! I would love to see some. :)

  2. i hope you got pics!!
    how fun to be in a parade, makes lots of happy memories~
    hugs to all, love, S.

  3. Well, if you wanna know the truth, I pay most stuff online because I will write the check and it will sit in my purse forever and finally, the day it is due, I figure I will get online so it gets paid! lol I only mail my mortgage because they charge an $11 fee to do it online. RIDICULOUS!!

    Your babies are getting so big, I can't believe it!