Friday, October 9, 2015

Stop and Go? Oh, NO!

Today my son came home with a “Notice of Disciplinary Action” explaining that he had received a “stop and go”. This is the last resort in the discipline plan before they call parents into the principal’s office to discuss more drastic measures. This is pretty serious.  It doesn’t get much more serious than this.

My first thoughts were “What could he possibly have done?”  Then I thought, “Who did he hurt?”
This is the same son who had been called on to step in and help a friend who has been being bullied on the way home from school last week.  Did he get into a fight at school with them?  Surely he couldn’t have been in trouble for defending his friend since we had already talked with the teacher and principal about the situation already, although they did say they were not allowed to get a big brother to help. 

There are so many things I don’t understand. They advise us that they need to get an adult for help, but a brother doesn’t count.  Because my older son got to the door first and went to meet the kids before I could, the principal was not able to discipline the bullies the way she would have liked to.  I don’t understand that.  Is it twisted somehow that now my son is the one in trouble instead of the bully?

I was proud of my boys for sticking together and trying to help the smaller kids that were getting picked on. Now I wondered if I was going to be at odds with the school. What could he have possible done that would be worse than the other boys trying to fight with them.  They were not able to be disciplined.

So, I quickly read the letter. His consequences are that he had to miss recess and write an essay about why he was in trouble.  

Why was he in trouble?  He wouldn’t stop reading.  He had been asked to put his book away twice in the same day and he kept reading instead of listening to the teacher. What?  Yup.  My kids like to read more than listen to the teacher.

What a nice problem I have.  I bet lots of parents would love it if their kids loved to read so much.  I think I might have to work that into a business plan of some sort.  “How to get your kids to love reading”

I love the life I have and would not trade my problems for anything else!   Here’s hoping your problems are as wonderful as mine!  I am off to figure out how to discipline my kid for being too awesome for the teacher to handle.

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