Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Time???

I have found a miracle way to get the kids to school on time!  It’s so simple no one would ever think of it unless they came upon it by accident as I did. Here’s the trick:  do not be involved in the “go to school” process.  Let them take care of themselves.  Ha!  There it is.

We were getting the truck fixed and I had to drive Steve to work after dropping the truck off at the shop.  I told the kids to leave when the timer went off.  I was able to get back home fast enough that I could have driven them and they still would have been on time.  But they were already there, standing out in the cold with their noses dripping and their ears bright red from the cold.  But they were there.  

I told them to zip their coats, but they are too cool for that already.  I walked over to them in the line and started zipping for them.  By all appearances their mother was dutifully caring for them that morning. They all had their hair combed and wore shoes that matched and were weather appropriate.  Miracles happen.  Sigh. 

The real miracle was that I got organized and dressed them before I left.  They walked around the house for a full 45 minutes waiting for the timer to go off.  Then they ran to school hoping they would not be late.  Whatever.  It worked!

Now, here I am a day or so later, running behind schedule.  I decided to shower after the kids were in school so I wouldn’t make them any later.  I can’t find my shoes.  I can’t find a hair brush.  Time ticks away as I search endlessly.  I must comb my hair within the hour!  I continue searching.  Giving up at my wit’s end I finally look in the bathroom drawer.  Oh.  I put the hairbrush away where it belongs.  Ugh!  I never look there!  Why would anything be where it belongs?  How can I blame or punctuality problem on the kids when I can’t handle myself and they are all at school on time without my help?

I begin counting the many ways I waste time.  At least I don’t have the television begging for my attention like we have in the past.  Sometimes we were ready “on time” but turned on the TV.  It made us very late.  TV is a weird thing; so fascinating, yet such a waste. 

Someone I know was telling me about their fabulous television that they bought this week.  It was such a great deal!  It used to be over $1000 and now it sells for $800.  I said, “Next year it will only be $500.”  She didn’t think that was funny.  I should be congratulating her on her find and spending savvy.  But seeing how we loved our hand-me-down TV’s for the first 16 years of married life, she was talking to the wrong person. 

The television we got for Christmas is the first TV we have ever bought.  Last year I had one with me as I stood in line at Wal-Mart for Black Friday. I stressed over it all night long but bought it anyway.   After I got home I continued to stress over it.  It was not a need.  It was not in the budget.  Hubby would be so surprised!  But I was too self conscious and guilty.  The thought of how many meals I could buy for the same price haunted my night mares until I finally returned the TV.  I took it back! 

Yes, I am crazy.  That’s been well established before right?

So, she was raving about this TV and telling me how bad she felt for spending the money but that it was such a great deal.  Wrong person to ask for moral support.

Then I went home and found the coupon I have.  Oh NO!  It expires this weekend!  I better go buy something!  Do I need it?  No.  Do I have the money for it? Not really, especially since I have to buy new tires today. Yet, I still “need” to buy the stuff that will be on the fantastic sale! 

That wonderful “budget” thing we had going has so gone out the window.  We almost made it one whole month before I realized despite my patching the holes in the pants, there are kids with holes in the bottoms of their shoes, the truck needed to be fixed and have new tires, and the kids STILL want to eat all the time.  Sheesh.  Sometimes it would be nice to live in ignorance and not know that we didn’t pass the safety inspections and just carry on with life.

On the other hand, what fun would it be if we actually got everything we wanted?  Boring.  Predictable.  Expected.  Life with kids is not any of those.  For that matter, life without kids is not predictable. 

Brenden has told me that when he is older, like 110 years old and an adult, he will still not understand girls.  Some things never change, and some things never stay the same.  I am cherishing the time I have with family today, with or without a functioning budget.

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