Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School, Back to Life

You’d think that with all my children in school for at least part of the day I would be able to resurrect my blog a little easier.

The quads are in kindergarten in the mornings now. I chose morning thinking that I would be a morning person, get them all moving and out the door so I had the rest of the day while they were gone. I had so many things dreamed up for the glorious three hours each morning. I have finished my schooling and can now call myself BYU alumni. Hooray! That’s one thing I won’t be doing during the time kids are at school.

When my kids are in school I will clean the house. You will never find laundry sitting around waiting to be folded or put away. Certainly there will not be any piles of it blocking the walkway to any room or hallway! I will always have clean dishes and a hot home made meal on the table for dinner every day. I will get to grocery shop alone price check and use coupons! I will even have plenty of time to read the labels and avoid the unwanted additives.

That can’t take that long, maybe a week. I do have three hours every day after all, well only two on Fridays. What will I do with the rest of the year? I will paint the house, reorganize and get everything that is not wanted out to DI or good will. I will have the closets usable, even the floors will be used for the organizing of shoes. Bottling the food and harvesting the garden.

I will read books, write, and create all sorts of amazing things! Look forward to a homemade something or other for Christmas. They are coming! I’ve got time for sewing, quilting, painting, nailing, hot gluing, and inventing. In my spare time, I will have to take on a few charities to avoid boredom.

Oh, perhaps it is time I let my body recover from having all those kids. Months of bed rest and birthing quadruplets has done a number on me. Not to forget the countless hours of doing homework to get the degree. I now have plenty of time for ME! Exercise and meal planning her I come! No, wait. A nap! I might take a nap. There’s so much to do I can’t decide. I better make a plan first.

So here I am two weeks into the kindergarten thing. I thought I would work in the walking and exercising while getting the kids to school. It’s not that far to walk. That happened once. Only one time. Instead we are running late looking for homework that has mysteriously disappeared. Why do they send so much stuff home with kindergarteners? What can I do to convince them that I will look at all of their things if they would just wait their turn? Will they ever learn that if you take it out, it has to go back? Maybe if we can find a pathway through the laundry we will find the missing homework. I decided that it didn’t really matter. How much trouble can a kindergartner get into for losing their homework?

We have been driving everyday. I tell them, “Hurry get in the line the classes are going in to the school now!” Then I look at Lily. “Lily, where are your shoes?”

“I don’t know. I can’t find them.”

“You can’t go to school without shoes on.”


I guess I should have been looking for shoes instead of homework. We have a sharp learning curve here. The next day when I was waking them up for school they said, “We did that yesterday.” And another said, “Again?”

Needless to say, you can not find the floor in our house yet. This is the only thing I have written since my papers for school were turned in. We have not been on time. We have not been walking. We have not been eating homemade delicious and nutritious meals every day. (But dry cereal counts right?) The house is not painted. And none of the Christmas gifts have been completed yet. I didn’t even take a nap yet!

What do I have to show for it? I have been exercising, other than the crisis run for the door to get to school. Friendships have been reconnected. Two blankets have been crocheted around the edges (that charity bit I told you about) A great book is halfway read. Along with the lost shoes, I have lost two pounds and what little of my mind was left.

I am so excited to get on a routine someday in the future. I am much wiser now knowing that three hours is still only three hours, even with no kids around.

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  1. This was hilarious. Really enjoyed reading it! I can't believe they are in kindergarten already. I really can't believe you got your degree before they were in school! Super Mom!